Participation: Free and open to all loyal guests of Avior Hotel.
To qualify, guest must have at least 5 paid room bookings (per booking, not per night)

  1. 10,000.00 spent on rooms will earn 100.00 points
  2. Computation of bookings will be based on ROOM CHARGES only excluding food.
  3. Points will be calculated on a monthly basis and will be forwarded to recipients every first week of the month.
  4. Points are valid while Avior Constellation is active. Should the hotel choose to end the rewards program, all rewards earned will be forfeited.
  5. Most of Giftaway eGift does not expire and do not need to be renewed. Please check the brand’s reminders and/or terms if there are any conditions for expiry. Corporate-sponsored and promotional eGifts may also have validity conditions that you must check separately with them.
  6. Participation in the program may be revoked at any time should abuse, fraud, failure to follow the terms and conditions, or any misinterpretation prejudicial to the program take place. Those guests who have been revoked are ineligible to the rights and benefits of the program.
  7. Avior Hotel reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, mechanics, rewards value, structure, and the entire membership program at its own discretion without prior notice.
  8. The rewards earned in Avior Hotel’s record shall be considered official.
  9. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of Avior Hotel.
  10. Employees of Avior Hotel are excluded from the rewards program.
COVID-19 Updates: A Message from the Hotel Manager: AVIOR CLEAN INITIATIVES